Hello and thank you for visiting Montana Home Pics!

Montana Home Pics is a professional real estate photography company.  We work with real estate agents, brokers, interior designers, property owners,  and commercial business owners to develop long working relationships.

My name is Kris and I am the photographer behind Montana Home PIcs! I have taken my background and love for photography and blended that with my interest in homes and real estate. Then, I have put them together to help Realtors and homeowners to showcase their homes in the most beautiful light!

If the property is photographed well and it has more “spit and shine” than its competitors … well then you will show it more and sell it faster!  It’s really just a numbers game. And the objective is to get the numbers of views and showings to increase. To do this we can help you to create a beautifully staged home with gorgeous images, and then to market those images in a way that will reach your customers and generate showings!

I’d love to help you to capture your homes unique features and to capture those images that will help to get your home sold – and ultimately you on your way to your next dream home! Whatever your budget is, I can work with you to create a plan for photographing and marketing your home!

Service area includes all northwest Montana cities including, Kalispell, Libby, Eureka, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Big Fork, Lakeside, Kila and Marion.

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